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Produced on a late Sunday morning after a historic night spent dancing to HAAi and Daniel Avery at Koko, this is a bass heavy trip that pulsates and fluctuates in the brain. Vocals soaring with ethereal echoes give way to drops loaded with breakbeats, delicious grooves and haunting interjections. A hypnotising headrush that leaves you intoxicated.


Thanks for your support in selling out physical copies of Spider prior to general release. Vinyl dispatch is anticipated as mid-late November. The special die-cut sleeves designed and made by the band are underway, and are looking incredible.

In the meantime, check out a special mix for Spider, and its Japanese counterpart 蜘蛛 on Spotify.

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"With its menacing guitar and creeping carnival-style piano, juxtaposed with detached, hypnotic vocals, Spider and its Japanese counterpart 蜘蛛 (Prounounced “Kumo”) are the latest fuzz drenched releases from Looking Glass Alice. What starts as a mesmerising, eerie rhythm becomes more frenzied and unhinged as the song progresses, culminating in a wild, scratching guitar solo before jolting back to an otherworldly final verse.""

A short tribute to Pharaoh Sanders.
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"Richard Russell's book emphasised the MPC as an experimental improvisation instrument. It was good to reflect on that, and ours was just gathering dust, but I really like it. Mixing live recording and MPC performance really can take you somewhere new. We've been revisiting Karma, and Thembi [Pharaoh Sanders] for obvious reasons. There's a light and shade in the harshness of the balance, as much as the tonal expression. It felt good to push the filters hard to try to achieve a bit of that brashness. "

Artwork by Looking Glass Alice.

Manchester Psych
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Looking Glass Alice were the Official DJs for the Main Stage of Manchester Psych Fest at The Albert Hall, spinning wild sounds between bands all day. Over 10 hours of playlists are available now Mixcloud, and Spotify. Check out the Mixcloud versions for rarer cuts and exclusive edits. The lineup consisted of Deja Vega, The Bug Club, Jane Weaver, Tinariwen, Black Midi, and Kurt Vile.

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A stormy lo-fi garage version of the Dan Nix & The Teen Sounds obscurity full of itchy, brutal guitar riffs, a churning mix, suitably disengaged vocals and drums like oil tankers colliding in a universe of dustbins. Worth hearing in any format, double appealing like this.

Record Collector

“Looking Glass Alice comprise two key figures from the UK psych scene”

“Herts duo Looking Glass Alice comprise two key figures from the UK psych scene, two individuals whose interest in colourful fashion has long stood out from the pack.

Debut single ‘I Know’ is an immaculate introduction, with its neat, infectious rhythm primed for dancefloor use. An exquisite pop song, ‘I Know’ stays lodged in your mind long after its first play – a gateway to higher consciousness, or simply a wicked melody?

The jury is out, but Looking Glass Alice have swept into view with an urgent piece of pop-flecked psychedelia deployed with confidence, intent, and no small degree of style.”

Robin Murray, Editor-in-chief Clash Music